Modular Planters

Modular Planter Pricing
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Modular Design
A-M-E 30’ & 40’ planters utilize the same modular components such as: wheel assemblies, wings, main frames, hydraulic manifolds, and controller modules since the commonality of parts and simplicity of any system is of paramount importance. This gives you, a farmer, the ability to adjust row spacing in the future, but also ease of diagnostics in case of the break down. 
Open Platform Design –
 Cafeteria style component selection
All of our toolbars are designed to accept a wide variety of row units or you can use our A-M-E cast iron shank row unit. All row units are 100% compatible with Precision Planting meters, accessories and electronics, as well as many leading OEM manufacturer’s attachments. Any major component can be added or deducted to our platform so you can order a planter in any stage of completion.
Have it your way – choices are yours
If your fleet is green, yellow, red, black, or blue we are happy to provide you with the similar color of our toolbar or planters to accommodate your needs. We do not charge extra for these options. You can mix and match any combination of OEM options. Same applies to monitors, seed meters, down pressure systems, Central Seed Fill Systems or any type of fertilizer applicators. We believe in providing you with what you want.  
Simplified Hydraulic Management
We have engineered a hydraulic manifold system with farmers in mind. There has been a proportional increase in the amount of hydraulic hoses and harnesses required for each unit along with the increase in the size of planters. We have separated our hydraulics in 3 identical manifolds allowing for a minimal run of hydraulic hoses and ease of diagnostics if problem occurs. All harnessing is protected and sectionalized for ease of access and are housed in a tray system which is an integral part of the planter.
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