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A-M-E NH3 toolbar is capable of operating as a pull-type or can be converted to a 3-pt mounted toolbar. We offer 4 lift wheels on the center section for extra flotations and caster wheels on the wings for precise depth control. Unit transport width is 18’ 6” and transport height is 12’ 6” which makes it practical for road transport. Unit is designed to utilize 11 or 15 Magnum High Speed Anhydrous Coulter.
Yetter Magnum High Speed Anhydrous Coulter:
  • 22” blade set at a 5 degree angle
  • Capable of applying anhydrous ammonia    liquid fertilizer at high speeds
  • Cuts through residue with minimum disturbance and ground cover loss
  • Ideal for fall application, pre-plant, and side dressing
  • Floating scraper that is self-adjusting and carbide tip for extended wear
  • Open-design wiper wheel holds soil in place while coulter blade holds fertilizer slot
WAKO Zone Strip Till
  • Developed a One Pass Fertilizer machine that would not only place fertilizer, but would leave the strip, or soil, prepared for the precision planter.
  • Increase of 15-30 bushels per acre on corn using the Wako BCW Zone/Strip-Till system
  • Available in working rows of 12, 16 & 24
Advanced Anhydrous Ammonia Cooler System for superior accuracy and control over your applications for higher yields, less waste, and lower input costs
Capacities up to 80 GPM.
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