Small Planters

Small Planter Pricing
Small Planter Brochure
Fertilizer & Drive Options
Large 550 lbs dry fertilizer hoppers or liquid fertilizer tanks up to 500 gal are available and can be driven either by mechanical transmission wheel drive or by hydraulic drive giving you on the go adjustability and control.
AME Toolbars
AME standard 7”x7” toolbars or new T-Bar® design are capable of handling and able to install strip till units in place of planter row units therefore giving you more versatility and choice. Same is true for side dressing, ridging, bedding or other cultivating applications.
Variable Seed Rate (VSR®) and Variable Fertilizer Rate (VFR®) are available on all models and are competitively priced for our smaller planters. This gives you variable seed and fertilizer rates on the go at almost same cost as standard mechanical/ singular setup and provides advantages that are only found on large and expensive planters.
OEM Attachments
Wide varieties of OEM row cleaners, no-till coulter blades, fertilizer applicators and other accessories are suitable for our standard 7”x7” toolbars or our new T-Bar® design. Since we follow industry standards, you can mount your attachments to our toolbars or row units.
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